ZFS Information

How Do We Do It?

- We have a platform that is unique, disruptive, and has exclusive technology

- We are the leader in the "Cash Discount" space.  Offering our "Cash Discount" program since 2013, ZFS is 100% compliant with all government and Visa/MasterCard rules and regulation.

- We have 3 patents protecting our technology and methodology

- We are LEGAL in all 50 states, unlike "surcharge"

- We are recognized by Visa/MasterCard as a "Cash Discount" program

- We cost shift credit card fees from the merchant to the consumer by implementing a 3.99% service/convenience fee on every transaction

- Example: On a $10.00 sale, if a customer pays with a credit card, their card is charge $10.40.  The Merchant keeps the $10.00 (amount of sale). ZFS receives the $.40 to pay the credits card fees, eliminating the credit card fees the merchant currently pays.  If the customer pays by cash, they get a "Cash Discount" and pays $10.00 (amount of the sale).

- The merchant pays a small technology fee each month, per credit card terminal, and a monthly $10 statement fee.  All credit card fees are ELIMINATED!


Will I lose customers because of ZFS "cash discount" program?

No.  Data analytics showed our 21 store major pizza franchisee test market, who implemented ZFS in July 2016, saw no loss in customers.  Data mining, 2017 vs. 2018, showed a 1.8% increase in sales, "unit" sales increased, 6.4% increase in fees collected (credit card usage increased).

An indépendant pizza store in Walla Walla Wa. implemented ZFS in Dec 2016.  Store sales increased 4% in 2017 vs. 2016.  ZFS did not impede the stores marketing efforts to gain new customers.

ZFS would not have 100,000 plus customers if our program caused merchants to lose customers.

What impact will ZFS have on my bottom line?

On average our customers experience an 16% increase to their bottom line depending on profitability.