How ZFS Works

ZFS Program

  • A small 3.99% service fee is applied to all store transactions. (your current pricing on items remain the same)
  • When a customer pays by cash, they do NOT pay the 3.99% service fee  (That is the "Cash Discount")!
  • A small amount of customers will initially complain.  When explaining the high cost of taking credit credits and that you are trying not to increase your prices almost all customers understand.  Customers also have the choice of paying cash to avoid the service charge of using a credit card.


The Economic Impact



All our data analytics show ZERO negative effects on customer counts/sales.

Your P&L statements (profit/loss)

Our experience shows an average 16% increase to the bottom line.  Most businesses have a 1.6% - 2% of credit card expense to total sales.  When you take that expense line out and add it to the bottom line on average our customers see a 16% increase to their bottom line.

The Risk

ZFS has ZERO RISK.  Our contracts are month to month.  We have approximately 100,000 merchants using ZFS in the US.  If ZFS did not provide the merchants the benefits stated we would have zero customers.  Over 74% of the worlds merchants use a ZFS "like" program.  The US market was slow but is rapidly adapting to our ZFS program.